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Hi there! My name is Jon, but you can call me Queen Bee. As a Fine Artist, I have spent my life surrounding myself with music and good people. Originally from Springfield, Illinois, I graduated high school in 2009 and went on to pursue a degree in the arts, graduating from Millikin University in 2013. Within the year, I moved to St. Louis, where I still seem to find myself surrounded by music and good people. In this new community, I am a graduate student at Webster University, MFA Arts Management & Leadership. I also work full-time for STAGES St. Louis, in addition to my involvement in other local theater productions, both on and off stage.

About the Bee Creative.


Throughout my life, there have been few constants. Music has been the strongest influence and has allowed me to do incredible things. It has given me guidance, solace, happiness, counsel, inspiration. Although music is not all of me, identifying my soul as that of a musician allows it to influence everything else I do. This Bee Creative is a testament to that ideology. In addition to school and STAGES, I am also a performer and freelance music director for local theater productions, as well as a theater critic and clinician. I am also an advocate for equality in the arts and believe in the empathetic enhancement the fine arts foster through active participation.

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  • April 2017 - Beauty & the Beast, Washington University School of Medicine, Music Director

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